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PAX Mauritius Internship programs offer transformative work experience tailored to focus on offering our interns ‘hands on’ training through real world experience. PAX Mauritius Ltd individually selects suitable corporate companies for all our student interns. Each internship is assigned on the basis of an individuals’ interest to ensure that it is tailor matched to our interns and their learning elements.

The primary focus of the internship experience is training and getting hands-on knowledge and exposure into the real International working environment.

At PAX Mauritius Internships, we offer internship opportunities in almost all disciplines such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Digital Marketing, Logistics and Operations, Shipping and Port Management, Construction Management and Real Estate, Law etc. Our internships provide highly structured training in the workplace, benefiting both young aspiring students and organisations

While we take care of giving end to end services to a student intern who travels abroad to take up our program so that they can focus completely on taking their international work experience, we are also flexible and customize the experience as to providing the inclusions that a student wants to take from our team and the one’s they want to manage by themselves.

6 Step of Enrolling yourself for a better future:

Step 1

Application form

Once interested, you must fill Application form, by clicking on the application form button below, with all required details and attach CV in the application form. If for some reason you are unable to attach your CV email it to info@paxedutainment.com with the subject as “your name – CV for Corporate Internship Program in Mauritius”

Step 2

Screening Process

Within 7 days of filling the application form you will undergo a screening process of 20-30 minutes. The screening interview will be over a phone call/Skype/WhatsApp/Zoom. This screening calls helps us analyse and understand your aspirations, intent to apply for internship, your subject knowledge.

Step 3

Selection Letter

The selected applicants will be emailed with a letter of selection over email and physical letters will be sent to the college administration by courier, if required.

Step 4

Initial Payment for PAX to begin the process

After receiving your selection letter over email, you will be required to make an initial payment which confirms for us that you would like to Sign Up for the program and initiate for our team PAX to work on finalizing your internship company selection process where you'll be interning in your element (Finance, HR, Marketing, information technology, hotel management etc) of interest.

Step 5

Confirmation Letter of Internship

Within 4 to 8 weeks from the date you have made the initial payment, you will be sent a confirmation letter mentioning the name of company & other necessary details on where you have been selected to intern in.

Step 6

Making the remaining payment

Within 10 days from the date of receiving confirmation letter of internship, you will be required to make the remaining payment (total remaining program fee as per the duration of your internship) for PAX to do the necessary proceedings to book your Flight Tickets, process visa formalities, booking of accommodation, transportation and other necessary on ground services in-order to provide you with the most comfortable on ground experience during your respective internship.

What is included in program fee

Visa formalities

Accommodation in Flic en Flac for upto 8 weeks

Official Transportation (accommodation to work and back)

Food (Self preparatory Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Airport pickup and drop off

All Official Activities

Certificates of Internship

Pre and Post Internship Advice from experts

All Official Activities and 24 hour onsite support

Memories to last a life time

Guaranteed Internship in your choice of field

Visa Documentation Support

What is not included in Program fee

Bank Transfer fees and courier cost

Medical Insurance & international Airfare

Anything not mentioned in included


When is the application deadline?

Do I need to know the local language?

What companies do you partner with?

What type of accommodations will be offered?

Are these internships paid?

Is there a minimum age to attend corporate internships?

I would like to book my own flights is there a provision to customise the package?